Random Events from the Week

My response to a household of two adults, two kids, two jobs, and two schools is to get really structured with schedule. It seems to work for our clan – we have a rhythm going, everyone knows what’s next, somehow it all fits into 24 hours and 7 days. And yet, no week is complete without a little randomness. And so, here are some random facts about unusual occurrences from this week, which may be of no interest to anyone but which I record for the sake of my own future self’s enjoyment.

* One day I woke up at 2a and went to bed at 12a.

* We kicked on the heat for the first time. With a timed thermostat, we really only have it on for four hours a day during the week (two in the morning, two in the evening), and six hours a day on the weekends (three in the morning, three in the evening, and barely on during the day).

* By 8p most nights, I am in bed reading and not far from being asleep. Three times this week, at that hour I was a combined 10 miles away from home - at a small group Bible study, with a college buddy of mine, and in a business meeting.

* We got word from his teacher that Aaron might be moving up from his Transitional Pre-K class into bona fide Pre-K.

* Amy was so tired one evening after work that she went to bed at 6:30p.

* Jada waited all week for Mulan to come from NetFlix, and when it arrived it had a crack in it, which caused her to sob inconsolably for several minutes.

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