Piazza Party

It’s been open for a minute now, but I finally got around to seeing the much-acclaimed Piazza at Schmidt’s. It truly is a remarkable public plaza, and just begs for packing a lunch and a blanket and making a day out of people-watching and cozying up in front of whatever they’re showing on the big screen.

Alas, speaking of that big screen, this first foray of mine was cut abruptly short by me when, upon arriving with my kids, I saw that they were airing the Eagles game, which I was taping and planning on watching the next morning. My kids insisted on running around on the cobblestones, so I stuck my fingers in my ears and turned away from the screen to avoid hearing anything that might give away the outcome of the game.

I quickly surmised that I was looking like an idiot, and so quickly shooed my kids out of the courtyard and back out into the streets. When they protested, I promised them I would bring them back, this time with food and with intentions to stay much longer. I plan to keep that promise in the near future.

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