Lazy Linking, 28th in an Occasional Series

What I liked lately on the Internets:

* Eco-aware consumers should focus on how you got to the grocery store, not just how your produce got there.

* On that note, what it costs to move something depends more on demand than on distance - "atoms might be more mobile than bits," since we get more bottled water than music albums from Fiji, even though it's a heckuva lot more costly to move water than music.

* Sam Harris once again argues that religion is not a force for good.

* A headline from the Frum Forum - Restore Sanity: Draft Mitch Daniels.

* Megan McArdle's aptly titled blog post - The Gentrifier's Lament.

* Ta-Nehisi Coates shares about almost coming to blows with some punk blogger, thinking he'd held his own in the confrontation, and then hearing his buddy tell him not "you showed him" but "you dumb m-----f-----."

* Used book arbitrage. [Ht: Marginal Revolution.]

* I haven't been following the Pennsylvania gubernatorial campaign that closely, but here's one reason why Corbett has my vote.

* Are today's sitcoms supplying us with the deep friendships we demand but don't have time for?

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