Lazy Linking, 27th in an Occasional Series

What I liked on the Internets lately:

* Instead of thinking that people that toggle between English and another language just don't know their English well often, consider that sometimes the other language captures what you're trying to say better than any available English word or phrase.

* While the right says "less less less" and the left says "more more more," David Brooks and I both hope for politicians who have enough brain and spine to say "this but not that."

* How about Philadelphia #30 in the world (and #6 in North America) in innovation!

* What's a more contentious assertion: that campaign contributions don't matter or that steroids in baseball didn't?

* My boss makes the case in WashPo for federal infrastructure investment.

* And, finally, a double-dose from Urbanite, a really good mag I always pick up when I'm in Baltimore - Gladwell digs cities and RelayRides is billed as "car sharing meets speed dating."

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