Lazy Linking, 26th in an Occasional Series

* I love love love Exhibit 2 of this McKinsey report on whether it is in fact export that is driving China's meteoric economic growth. Now that's a good visual.

* Oops on going green - reusable grocery bags get germy after a while. The responses, which are to toss them or to wash them periodically, put a bit of a damper on the greenness, I think.

* What do you get when you cross Derek Jeter with the Phillie Phanatic? A damn good SportsCenter commercial.

* This article about athletes and sphincter control in ESPN's "Body Issue" just slayed me.

* What's our most powerful weapon against our most powerful enemy? Why, singing, of course.

* Why do we love reality TV so much? How about the ability to engage in fantasy while mocking it from a distance?

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