A Light Bulb Went On

The light bulb on our front porch light has been burned out for forever. It's a special type, which means expensive and not easy to find. Which means I have dragged my feet for a long, long time. With another light right inside our front door, I reasoned that not having our porch light was not that big a deal.

But one day, Amy pointed out to me that the front porch light isn't really as much for us, although it's useful to us. Rather, it's for helping provide a sense of safety for our little slice of the block. And so, one night, I went out to take this in firsthand. (Since I am often in bed before it gets dark, I hadn't really had much opportunity to see this with my own eyes.)

Sure enough, with our front porch light not on, the sidewalk in front of our house looked dangerously dark. It didn't help that neither neighbor on either side of us had their light on. I could see myself feeling a little uneasy coming home late at night, or even passing by our house.

Convicted, I got online, found the bulb, and ordered it. It arrived earlier this week, and I put it in right away and turned it on. To the rest of my block, and to those who walk through it, my apologies for not doing my part all these weeks. The light bulb finally went on in my head, and now the light bulb is finally on on our front porch.

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