Lazy Linking, 25th in an Occasional Series

Things I liked lately on the Internets:

* A thoughtful story about a thoughtful group of people (including a dear brother of mine, from whom I found out about the story) trying to be good urban Christians in inner city Oakland.

* The Democrat justifies public spending increases for growth reasons, while the Republican justifies public spending decreases for equity reasons; how's that for an inverted debate?

* The 30th Street Station area, which is a lot sleepier than it should be given it is the third busiest Amtrak station in the US (trailing only New York and DC), is about to get a lot more activated by (wait for it) the Internal Revenue Service.

* So wait, subway cars generate electricity when they brake? And they brake at stops? And we need electricity at stops? Well, let's capture that electricity and reuse it, then. That's what my colleague at SEPTA said he was working on this summer, and sure enough the pilot project was just announced earlier this month.

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