Lazy Linking, 24th in an Occasional Series

What I've liked on the Internets lately:

* There is one party in China. And 70 million bloggers. I'll be interested to see who wins.

* Could painting a picture of a little girl in the middle of the street result in people becoming inured to the image of a little girl in the middle of the street?

* From Discovering Urbanism, progress on better disclosure of the transportation costs associated with different places to live. Hey, it's like 10 to 25 cents of every dollar we spend, you'd think we'd factor it in more than we do now.

* David Brooks says the Tea Party's recent successes don't imperil the Republicans for November. I say "give it time." It reminds me of how hard it was for the Confederates to hold together against the Union: if your M.O. is state's rights, how do you unite across states? Similarly, if your M.O. is that government is the enemy, what happens when you become it?

* Let's hope Edward DeMarco doesn't get quietly replaced for not toeing the party line re: Fannie and Freddie.


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