Dorm Food

I brought the kids to North Jersey yesterday to convene with some old college friends and hear about the college ministry of Shannon Lamb, who, along with her husband Dave, were influential older Christian leaders for many of us during our time at Penn. It's been 15+ years since I was a student, and my how times have changed in terms of what student life is like and how it looks to do on-campus ministry.

I appreciated Shannon's insight into this generation - that in the midst of a culture that presumes you will have casual sex, a packed schedule, and no really deep friendships, it is all the more important and all the more alluring to offer a worldview that upholds the sanctity of the body and of sex, that promises true and meaningful serenity, and that provides authentic relational contact. Far from being irrelevant, prudish, and backwards, real Christianity consistently offered will eventually find a willing audience that is fed up with empty non-answers.

This flock of college students is no more or less lost, no more or less noble, no more or less evil than any other; but it is different. But the thing that they truly long for, thirst for, are searching for and will find no lasting peace until they find, is the same. Thank God for faithful laborers like Shannon, who give their lives to see that more and more in our colleges are touched.

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