Romo! Flacco! It's Super Bowl XLV

I'm usually not one for commentary when it comes to my sports predictions, except to say that on the continuum of "I've researched this to death and I know my stuff" and "I'm picking them because I like their new uniforms," it's much closer to the latter. But, let me make an exception and give some one-liners re: the teams I didn't pick:

* Jets - Pride goeth before a fall.

* Bengals - T.O. = N.O.

* Titans - A repeat of last year, in that early losses and a big run at the end make them the best team to not make the playoffs.

* Vikings - They miss by one game on a Favre interception. Poetic justice.

* Cardinals - Matt Leinart, you peaked in your Heisman year. That was six years ago.

* Giants - Do they share the same water as the Mets?

Herewith, my 2010-2011 NFL predictions. As always, predictions guaranteed or double your money back.

* NFC: 1 Cowboys 2 Packers 3 Saints 4 49ers 5 Falcons 6 Eagles

* AFC: 1 Ravens 2 Colts 3 Chargers 4 Patriots 5 Steelers 6 Raiders

* WC: Saints, Falcons, Chargers, Steelers

* Conf: Cowboys, Packers, Colts, Ravens

* SB: Cowboys over Ravens

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