Lazy Linking, Twentieth in an Occasional Series

Good stuff on the Internets:

* Andrew Swinney is spot-on when he says non-profits need to get better on issues of financial sustainability and capacity building. And, he practices what he preaches - his foundation quietly shifted efforts into these areas several years back, well before it was trendy to do so.

* For many, it seems, global warming is a luxury worry, important when times are good but not as important when you're unemployed.

* Josh Kopelman is, once again, right on - as an investor in start-ups, you're looking for heat-seeking missiles, not impressive pre-launch plans.

* David Brooks and Clayton Christensen affirm for me why it is important for me to wake up at 4 in the morning every day to pray.

* Ryan Avent deliciously compares our willingness to tolerate congestion, without imposing some market mechanisms to organize it, to long lines for bread and fish in Soviet Russia.

* Robin Hanson ponders whether the odds are that there are "sims" living among us; having just rewatched the Matrix trilogy, I had to think long and hard about this possibility.

* Re: a mosque at Ground Zero - that it could be proposed, that there was a local process by which it could be debated, and that it epitomizes our distinctiveness among all nations as far as the tolerance it represents - this is what I love about our country; but too bad some supporters aren't giving dissenters room to dissent without automatically labeling them as bigoted, and too bad the White House has decided to call it a local issue to avoid being embroiled in the debate.

* Here's a cool concept along the lines of "ideas having sex" - conversation makes brains synch up.

* I hate, hate, hate the Yankees but have profound respect and admiration for their long-time closer, Mariano Rivera; here's a very cool video showing why he's been so successful for so many years.

* Some well-deserved kudos to the brave students at South Philadelphia High School who decided to stand up for themselves and others when no one else would.

* My favorite recent "Today I Found Out" - "The American Government Once Intentionally Poisoned Certain Alcohol Supplies, Resulting in the Death of Over 10,000 American Citizens." WTF!?!

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