Lazy Linking, Nineteenth in an Occasional Series

What I have liked on the Internets lately:

* Ryan Avent's recent proposal to add a $5 a barrel tax on oil elicits in me a useful question on the subject of energy conservation and climate change - do we want consumers to feel pain or not? Yes = leads to the sorts of behavioral modifications we want, No = maybe elected officials will be more likely to get behind it. What to do, what to do?

* This Venn diagram from xkcd is spot-on. University web designers, take note.

* Are humans' three basic human goals affirmation, accuracy, and affiliation? Discuss.

* This is a documentary to keep an eye out for - "Urbanized."

* This is an organization and conference to keep an eye out for - The Wilberforce Academy.

* Employers, take note - trust and transparency matter to your workers.

* Not sure how many positions LeBron James will play on the court, but he's already made 30 positions unnecessary within the Miami Heat organization - "Miami Heat Fires Sales Team after Season Tickets Sell Out."

* I like this notion of knowing what is scarce; sadly, we seldom think rationally in these terms.

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