Lazy Linking, 22nd in an Occasional Series

* David Brooks extols thinking about thinking.

* Stephen Landsburg is half-right when he bashes locavores - the price of a tomato reflects the different energy inputs involved in getting it to you (so shipping it thousands of miles might actually be less energy-intensive than having it grown just a few miles away) but since energy prices are quite wrong it's insufficient to assume that a simple price comparison tells you which tomato is better for the environment.

* To this list of "13 Questions to Diagnose Your Idolatries" I would add - "What do you tell your friends most often and most excitedly about" and "What would motivate you the most to wake up early in the morning for."

* Two take-aways from this Donald Marron post - 1) the old-school web is far from dead, and 2) remember the importance of considering things both in absolute terms and in percentage terms.

* Anyone from Minnesota or Wisconsin or who knows someone from Minnesota or Wisconsin knows that it is only those two states that have people nice enough to pull off the kind of cross-state "good government" collaboration featured in this article.

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