Lazy Linking, 21st in an Occasional Series

Good stuff on the Internets:

* Love love love what David Cameron is doing in Britain. Hey US Republicans, see what good stuff the Tories are up to, and allied with the Liberal Democrats no less.

* How do you ensure that not enough affordable housing will be built? Make it really hard for developers to make money.

* It turns out big boxes may not necessarily be better than traditional mixed-use development at generating tax revenues for jurisdictions.

* Here's one way to avoid becoming obese - commute by transit.

* Can you bank time? My friend Imanni Wilkes thinks so.

* Shameless work-promotion - we are half the answer to that burning question asked by the local paper, What do you get when you cross an economics firm with a public finance consulting firm?

* Tim Harford correctly distinguishes between creating jobs and creating jobs that matter.

* Eleven experts chime in on what happens when bikes and pedestrians compete with cars for road space.

* Leave it to Israel, rich in innovation and poor in water, to point the way to cutting-edge technologies for water conservation.

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