Update on "Dear Zachary"

Here's a note from my high school friend Kurt Kuenne about his documentary "Dear Zachary" and related activism around Canada's bail laws. Tune in to NBC Dateline tonight!


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From: Kurt Kuenne
Date: Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 1:20 PM
Subject: Dateline NBC episode on "Dear Zachary" to finally air Friday night

Hi Everyone,

Kurt here; I hope summer is treating you well.

A year ago, NBC's Dateline completed an episode on "Dear Zachary", the case, the film and its continuing reverberations throughout the Canadian political landscape. After a year of getting bumped, it is finally being aired...

Friday, July 23rd (tomorrow)
10 PM Eastern Time
(There are two Dateline episodes airing back to back that night - one at 9 PM, one at 10 PM - and we're the second one, so I'm told. Check your local listings for confirmation on when it's airing in your area.)

NBC has asked me to answer viewer questions on line on their Newsvine site during the broadcasts Friday evening, so if you're interested, you can follow their links and see me typing away...

Our bail bill - Bill C-464 - continues to wind its way through Parliament. As you may remember, it passed the House of Commons unanimously in March, and is now in the Senate. It has made it through the first two readings in the Senate, and has once again advanced unanimously to the Senate's Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs, where it will be heard this fall (they're on summer break right now). After that it goes back to the Senate for a final vote, and will become law. To quote, Senator Tommy Banks of Alberta, who has been our biggest supporter in the Senate: "Its passage is a certainty. The timing is very uncertain." But it looks likely to be this fall. I will certainly keep you all posted when that happens, and once again thank MP Scott Andrews, his assistant Ken Carter, Senator Tommy Banks, his assistant Thérèse Gauthier, MP Peter Stoffer, Senator Anne Cools for their integral role in this process -- and thank you again to all of you, for supporting this film from the beginning and for your letters to Parliament urging them to take action.

Happy July and hope all's well,


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