Lazy Linking, Nineteenth in a Series

Good stuff on the Internets:

* My reaction to "why going green won't make you better or save you money" is that people wanting to be green is easily trumped by their want for convenience and/or looking good to others and/or feeling good about themselves.

* Not from the Onion - "To Protest Hiring of Nonunion Help, Union Hires Nonunion Picketers."

* Signs of the Apocalypse: The founder of Ashley Madison dot com scolds Facebook for not letting it advertise there and thus do a favor to all married people who want their affairs to be secret rather than public; after all, "It's not necessarily the act of cheating that ends marriages; it's getting caught." (Um, not to get all moral on you, Mr. Biderman, but I think it actually is the cheating part that ends marriages.)

* Yes, hold ratings agencies accountable to the public for their review of clients floating bonds; but no, don't pass regulations whose consequences are so unclear that they cause those ratings agencies to want to avoid being used at all. Greg Mankiw calls this the "Dodd-Frank Anti-Stimulus Bill."

* Here's a good answer to the question, "If the whole world went vegan, would that be good for the planet?"

* Shameless self-promotion - I give link love to DJ Chuang for giving me link love.

* Guy Kawasaki is spot-on when he says having too much money is worse for a start-up business than having too little.

* I haven't gotten a chance to talk to her directly about the recent hire at Next American City of its first-ever President and CEO, but I send kudos to Diana Lind for all she's done to make that entity and magazine all it has become.

* Is America ready for the third generation of George Bush?

* Talk about "fortune at the bottom of the pyramid" - how about a $35 laptop?

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