Things You Can Do in the City without a Car: the June 2010 Edition

You may think that me doing the following things sans car is crazy. Well I say firing up a two-ton steel box with enough horses to go 100+ mph to do these things is crazy.

* Appear on a radio show in the suburbs

* Attend conferences at two major universities

* Take Jada to two block parties

* Move a three-piece sofa set

* Go to church

* Have dim sum in Chinatown

* Get to work

* Take the kids to school

* Meet a friend for coffee

* Go out to dinner as a family

* Drop off and pick up dry cleaning

* Pick up prescription drugs

* Go to museums downtown

* Attend Jada's parent-teacher conference

* Drop off a package at the UPS Store

* Go to a swim party in Germantown

* Give a presentation in North Philadelphia

* Tool around Reading Terminal Market, Chinatown, and the Gallery Mall with the kids

* Go to the local swim club with friends

* Have 10+ meetings downtown

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