Sacred Places for Community Use

One of the cool thing about living in a funky, urban, and historic neighborhood is its funky, urban, diverse, and historic buildings. One is the church structure in which our congregation has met for over a hundred years, and it is one of five profiled in a nice little brochure put together by Partners for Sacred Places and the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia, called "Sacred Places for Community Use Venue Menu." That's what's cool about Philly, is its commitment to re-use, to the mixing of old and new. I'll therefore add to my standing invitations, to join our congregation if you're looking for one to join, and to visit our Sunday morning service if you are looking for a place to worship, an additional invitation to use our facility for your event next you're looking for a funky, urban, and historic setting.

PS How funny: the first image I could find of Woodland was this one, of the 34 trolley rolling right past it. So add to the descriptors "transit-served." !

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