Random Tweets, of No Nutritional Value Whatsoever

Last week, a friend of mine emailed me in the morning to see if I was free for lunch. Of course, I was downtown at an event and, not having a smart phone, didn't get the message until I returned to my office that afternoon. Yes, in 2010, there is still at least one well-educated young professional who only checks his email from his work and home computers.

I quickly fired off a reply to my friend, sheepishly apologizing for my techno-lameness, and confessing it may be many moons until I can receive such messages remotely. He responded with an insistence that I join the masses, if only to contribute to the world my random thoughts throughout the day.

I suppose someday I'll be thusly technologically empowered. Until then, I give you some random musings, of no nutritional value whatsoever, that I would have posted in the past week had I had the capability to rap them out in the moment. Just to play within the rules, I used Word Count on Microsoft Word to make sure these were all under 140 characters. After you read them, you'll likely think my friend crazy for thinking there is any demand for my vapid thoughts.

* If cells had a button that tells the caller, "I’m here but need to excuse myself first; wait ten seconds," wouldn't you use that?

* I was elated when tech guru Guy Kawasaki started following me on Twitter, until I learned he follows 250,000+ others!

* My loyalties trump my thriftiness: in need of flip-flops, I saw a $5 pair at Modell’s but couldn’t buy them because they said “Red Sox.”

* My wife, who tends our son's Farmville garden via my Facebook account, now accepts/rejects incoming friend and event invites for me.

* I spoil my daughter: our commute to school and work is me in suit pedaling in 90 degree heat, her in bike seat in back eating Sun Chips.

* What’s more needless overkill: manufacturers designing cars that can go 150 mph but will only be used to go 25-75 mph, or us buying them?

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