Lazy Linking, Sixteenth in an Occasional Series

Here's what I liked on the Internets this week:

* Fast Company scoops the new segment of High Line Park in Manhattan. Love the "flyover" concept.

* Megan McArdle is right - I would be happy to write an op-ed for the Times for free.

* Keith Hennessey says Rahm Emanuel is lying when he tries to sling mud on the Bushies for their role in the auto bailout.

* Looking for planning solutions that de-emphasize car travel and re-exalt the pedestrian? Try classics that were written before cars were king.

* Obama made the right move, and McChrystal should've known better, but David Brooks is right - this incident isn't doing wonders for encouraging more good people to go into public service.

* In case you were wondering if pricing carbon correctly is still political suicide, check out what happened in Australia.

* Finally some love for the dads - all the momcentrism of baby media and products is a bit insulting.

* This map is cool - one thing it can tell me is that there were 58 more people who moved from Santa Clara County (where my parents live) to Philadelphia County (where I live) than vice versa, and that those who went east were making twice as much as those who went west.

* David Frum is sour on green jobs, and wants the Class of 2010 to know it.

* Lastly, how about some love for my firm, which is tapping into its networks to grow in the midst of a choppy economy.
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