Lazy Linking, Fifteenth in an Occasional Series

* So bridging the digital divide is more than just access, it's also education and environment? Duh.

* This is what I worry about for Gen Y and Gen Z: that they don't know how to really think.

* A great example of unintended consequences: the New York state government trying to help nannies is almost certainly going to hurt them in the aggregate.

* Keith Hennessey and Stephen Landsburg both take on Paul Krugman's assertion that another round of stimulus would be cheap to do.

* From the land of cars and highways we are starting to hear more talk about transit, which has to be a good sign.

* This and this pretty much sum up my thin-slice take on Obama's energy speech.

* Meanwhile, can the Gulf spill catapault us to sound energy policy? Not if politicians continue to act like politicians in terms of their aversion to a straight-forward carbon tax.

* A nice Freakonmics Q&A with Matt Ridley, author of "The Rational Optimist" and the coiner of the delicious phrase about "ideas having sex."

* Bodine High School has always been high on my list of places I could see myself sending my kids to, and this article about yet another Bodine teacher of the year award certainly doesn't do anything but reinforce that belief.

* Who knew that changing your font to Century Gothic could save the planet?

* What "mancession"? Yes, for every 100 jobs lost by men, 46 women lost their jobs; but in the 2001 recession, it was 100 to 17, and in the 1990s recession, it was 100 to 2. And, from October 2009 to March 2010, while the men were +260,000 jobs, the women were -22,000. In other words, this most recent crunch really hit the women hard, historically speaking.

* I've studied a lot lately about the current fiscal distress of America's cities, but here is the most telling data point I've come across: the Lakers are paying for their own championship parade.

* Here's a sign of how bad crime is in Philly: they'll even hit up Charlie Mack. If you own "He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper," you know that "Charlie Mack is the first out of the limo."

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