What Am I Working On

Here's my quarterly update on new things I've been working on at work since the last update on February 20 (you can read past posts for my ground rules on these quarterly updates):

* Preparing a briefing report on the major demographic, retail, and real estate trends for a neighborhood commercial corridor

* Researching the tax increase and spending cut proposals of various municipalities and school districts to address fiscal challenges

* Providing recommendations to a municipal agency as to how to use performance dashboards to provide more internal planning data points and external accountability measures

* Developing a summary of utilization proportions of minority, women, and disabled business enterprises among major public and private sector procurers within a metropolitan region

* Summarizing best practices by agencies in cities across the US for increasing municipal utilization of minority, women, and disabled business enterprises

* Exploring if and how non-profit organizations that receive public sector contracts can be labeled as "minority, women, and disabled," in terms of organizational control and/or constituencies served

* Developing recommendations for ensuring that a major public infrastructure investment proposal and ensuing public and private sector investment will have significant participation for minority, women, and disabled business owners

* Listing and estimating the economic, health, and quality of life benefits that would accrue to a city if it built a fully connected waterfront greenway along its rivers

* Listing and estimating the costs of a city's present less-than-coordinated approach to vacant land management, and the benefits of more aggressively and efficiently maintaining and reselling vacant parcels

* Estimating the economic and fiscal impact of a federal government agency's support of research that led to the development of a marketable product

* Estimating the economic and fiscal impact associated with various state and federal historic preservation tax credit projects within a state

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