Part-Time Opening at Church at 42nd/Pine

Our church seeks a new Director of Children, Youth, and Family (CYF) Ministries. Please review the position description below, and if you or anyone you know
is interested in applying, send your resume and cover letter to jobs@woodlandpres.net, and we will respond to you regarding the possibility of an interview.


Job Title: Director of Children, Youth, and Family (CYF) Ministries

Hours per Week: 15-25

Start Date: Negotiable

Overview of Position and Opening:

Woodland Presbyterian Church is a multi-ethnic, multi-generational church located in an urban setting at the intersection of campuses and community. We are a PC-USA congregation that was first formed in the 1860’s. Our Sunday morning worship service typically draws 100 worshippers, including 15-25 children. We believe that children, youth, and families are all important members of the family of God, and therefore their spiritual growth is an integral part of the overall health of the church and its mission to the neighborhood around us. The Director of Children, Youth, and Family (CYF) Ministries works in collaboration with other staff, Session, and volunteers from the congregation towards that end. There is always more to do than the time allotted each week, so prioritization, efficiency, and delegation are important components of a successful CYF Director, as is the ability to work with a wide range of children, youth, families, volunteers, and staff members.

Woodland’s staff presently includes a full-time Interim Senior Pastor, a full-time Sexton, a part-time Administrative Associate, and a part-time Music Minister. The CYF Director position has been staffed on a volunteer basis since November 2009. It is our preference that we are able to fill this position in time for a September 2010 start date. If you are interested in this position, please submit your cover letter and resume to Lee Huang, Chairperson of the Personnel Team, at jobs@woodlandpres.net (email), fax (215 386-1725), or mail (42nd and Pine Streets, Philadelphia PA 19104). We will try to answer all inquiries and will contact you if we would like to set up an interview.



• Connect the work of CYF to Woodland’s larger work, and communicate that work to congregants and to other stakeholders

• Serve as a public face, point person, and final decision-maker for all aspects of CYF

• Represent CYF and its agenda via interfaces with internal (worship, building and property, outreach, education) and external (partners, community, Presbytery) entities

Recruit, Train, and Disciple Members of the Congregation into CYF Ministry

• Encourage those with a heart for children and family ministries to get involved

• Recruit and support volunteer leaders

• Direct the training of volunteers in teaching and in working with children

Direct Ministry Responsibilities

• Supervise volunteers in the following programmatic activities and age groups:

 Sunday School for infants (0 to 18 months), toddlers (18 months to 4 years), children (4 years to 9 years)

 One-week Vacation Bible School summer camp

 Other offerings as mutually determined with staff and Session (examples: Christmas pageant, service opportunities, missions trips)

• Establish relationships with parents and families and be sensitive to their needs and concerns

• Become an active member of Woodland and participate in Sunday worship service periodically as a member of the ministry staff, for purposes of promoting and forwarding the ministry of CYF

• Explore and supervise ministry initiatives for pre-teens and teens, including connection to other churches to pool youth ministry activities

• Explore and supervise family ministry initiatives, including connection to other local resources to provide spiritual guidance to young families

• Commit to pray regularly for CYF leaders and volunteers, children, and families


• Attend weekly staff meetings

• File a quarterly report of past and future activities and accomplishments to Session

• Develop and enforce policies relating to all aspects of CYF ministries (for example, ensuring that the appropriate back ground checks are carried out on all volunteers working with children)

• Develop and monitor CYF portion of the church’s budget

Oversight and Support:

The Director of CYF Ministries will report to the Head of Staff and will attend weekly Staff Meetings.

The Session will ensure that the following support mechanisms are in place so that Employee is in the best position possible to serve in a way that is fulfilling to her and productive for the church:

a) inclusion in a staff team in which everyone's position description is known to one another so that staff members can better support and collaborate with one another,

b) 1-2 deacons assigned to pray for and support Employee in her work and to help advocate for the work of CYF in the broader work of the church,

c) Annual check-in sessions with the Personnel Team for purposes of receiving encouragement and advice as well as together clarifying the position description going forward.


Salary, benefits, and vacation are negotiable. Consideration will be given to funding and enabling various professional development avenues, such as books and conferences.


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