The Next Supreme Court Justice Will Have to Be a Penn Grad

I typed in "alma mater of supreme court justices" into Google and this Hispanic Business magazine article came up first: "With Kagan, Supreme Court's Predominance of Harvard and Yale Alums Would Become a Monopoly." That's right, if Elena Kagan is confirmed, all nine will be alums of either Harvard or Yale. Or, as pointed out by a commenter at Megan McArdle's blog (see also here:

"With Kagan, Supreme Court will get yet more diverse: It will have Catholics from Harvard or Yale, an African-American from Harvard or Yale, women from Harvard or Yale, a Hispanic from Harvard or Yale, and a Jew from Harvard or Yale."

As a Penn alum, two times over, I'm not sure I can form a coherent and objective statement in response. Does anyone else know what this might mean for the nation's highest court?

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