Musing About Not Musing

Been relatively barren of late when it comes to posting in this space. I wish I could tell you I’ve been musing all along, but just too busy to document those ideas. But alas, my brain has been just as unfertile as my blog lately. A confluence of busyness – lots of deadlines at work, a rush of church-related responsibilities and home improvement projects, and Amy crunching through her final paper and final exam meaning more on me in terms of kid coverage – has meant I have been in hyper-action mode for a good four weeks now. Those of you who have ever seen me in hyper-action mode know that it ain’t a pretty sight: for example, I have been known to literally work up a sweat at the office simply from the feverishness of typing, paper-shuffling, and neuron-firing.

Acting without thinking can be tiring for an introvert like me. It can also be dangerous for the soul. So I’m realizing I’m in dire need of some down-time. In fact, not having many musings is actually a pretty good litmus test for me that I’m burned out, because it means that stuff is going into my head, but I have nothing left in the tank to do anything with it.

Thankfully, I think I see a little light at the end of the tunnel. For example, I anticipate that this coming weekend the prospect of getting a nap is good, and boy, could I use a nap. And, after tomorrow night’s small group Bible Study gathering at our place, I do not believe I have any other evening engagements for at least three weeks, which means long and uninterrupted times of silence for me to stick my nose in a book.

But please excuse me if any downtime I’m able to access does not result directly in any blaze of insight. For though this post is about musing about not musing, if I get a breather I intend to turn my brain off, too; after four weeks of it being on auto-pilot, it needs a break in order to be back on again.

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