Lazy Linking, Twelfth in An Occasional Series

* Like that Kerry and Lieberman are advancing a climate bill; don't like that it gives away most of the allowances and doesn't go "full auction" until 2035.

* Al Gore buying waterfront property that would be underwater if his doomsday climate change scenario happens: hypocrisy, hedging bets, or supreme confidence in mankind's ability to stave off his worst fears?

* Ta-Nehisi Coates on Obama "going Cosby" at Hampton U.

* Josh Kopelman links to a Silicon Valley Bank study that reports that smaller venture funds have had more success than larger ones.

* I predict that "not taking your star out of the game when he gets into foul trouble" will be the new "coaches should go for it more on fourth down" rant for sports stats geeks.

* A belated shout-out to Oakland A's pitcher Dallas Braden, whose recent spat with New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez landed him in the news and then whose perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays gave him immortality. He landed the requisite Letterman gig and composed himself well reading the "top 10 thoughts going on through my mind during my perfect game"; my favorite was #3: "Even I've never heard of me."

* Kudos to the City of Philadelphia for winning the third annual Siemens Sustainable Community Award. And a big "amen" to Katherine Gajewski, director of Philadelphia's Office of Sustainability, for this absolutely spot-on quote: "I would really like Philadelphia to start to redefine this green thing a little bit. It's not about just making new stuff and building stuff; it's also about investing in your existing assets."

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