Lazy Linking, Thirteenth in an Occasional Series

I sure have been lazy a lot lately. Here's yet another set of links I liked:

* Here's your chance to manage the federal debt. (I was able to corral it to under 50 percent of GDP, so have decided I will be running for president in '12.)

* Josh Kopelman is as excited as I am about Minority Report-style spatially-targeted information technology innovations.

* What should you do about cul-de-sacs: make them illegal or charge them for the negative externalities they cause?

* Facebook fosters weak ties? Excellent, because Malcolm Gladwell says those are really powerful.

* That's right, ethnic studies are for all students, not just those of those particular ethnic groups.

* What should I be worried about will kill me?

* Man can create life forms: is this good or bad? Discuss.

* We still make as much stuff as we used to, proportionate to our overall economy; we just do it with far fewer people, thanks to mechanization.

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