Lazy Linking, Tenth in an Occasional Series

It was a busy month, so I'm just now getting to some of my favorite sites. Enjoy!

* Church and TOD in a mixed-use urban setting? Delicious!

* The research proves what I had suspected all along: Prius owners are more interested in looking green than in being green.

* If KFC's Double Down sandwich (no bread, just two chicken patties with sauce and bacon in the middle) isn't enough goodness for you, here's what you can do: slice a Krispy Kreme donut in half and use that as your sandwich bread.

* Good to know I'm not the only self-documentarian out there.

* Ugh - the violence against Asian-Americans continues at South Philadelphia High School continues.

* David Brooks recommends a piece on conservatives, climate change, and carbon taxes.

* Keith Hennessey explains our current fiscal position by telling the story of the prodigal son.

* When will we price energy correctly enough to care that we are currently wasting 45 percent of it and figure out how to get that number down?

* I need to read more Prahalad - the Indian management guru who died last month featured heavily in my b-school education in the 1990's with his notion of "core competencies," and he's hot again now with his notion of "the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid."

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