Lazy Linking, the Stuck in My In-Box Version

Links to interesting articles I ripped out to read later, and then "later" became "much later":

* Green living shouldn't just be wealthy folks status-seeking, but rather a major component of affordable housing, so this LA-based development is a step in the right direction.

* Here's bottled water you don't have to get angry about; in fact, it could be a huge solution to a huge problem, that of potable water in the developing world.

* I remember in b-school when we studied how Japan ate the US for lunch by being humble and hungry when it came to improving manufacturing processes; it looks like it's happening all over again, and will we haughty Americans learn this time around?

* I know this catchphrase is somewhat old now, but nice to see "embodied energy" uniting environmentalists, historic preservation advocates, and urbanists. After all, the greenest building can't be one you have to build from scratch, tearing down another building in the process.

* "Has 'Social' Peaked?" Umm, no . . . the reason why January-to-February unique visitor numbers are down is because there are 10 percent fewer days in February than in January.

* Welcome to the scene, Gen Z (born 2005 and on), the youngest of six generations of consumers; 2007 was the largest birth year in US history, and Latinos make up 25 percent of that (vs. 14 percent of total population).

* Belated props to my friends at B Labs; the City of Philadelphia and the State of Maryland are two entities that now recognize and/or incentivize socially responsible corporations as certified by B Labs.

* It's more complicated than this, but that doesn't take away from the pats on the back warranted for the Passyunk Square residents featured in this Inky article, who have decided that now that they are parents, rather than complaining about their neighborhood school or leaving for the suburbs, they are going to get involved and see what they can do to make the school work for their kids.

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