Decisions, Decisions

I have sung the praises of my small group Bible study and its participants before, but with the conclusion of another school year cycle of meetings, I must again report on how meaningful this group and these gatherings have been. We concluded a discussion book on godly decision-making, and while the material wasn’t earth-shattering, it was solid enough that we could dig our teeth into it each session. Even better, individuals and couples really authentically put the material into motion, and confided some really weighty decisions into the group discussions. Within an eight-month period, couples made decisions about jobs, houses, moves, and kids; and at the last gathering earlier this month, we all sensed that God had watched over us as we agonized over these decisions, ever so gracefully guiding us along, giving us peace during and after the process, and knitting us together as a group that could be trusted with our intimate details and tough choices. My own take-aways from the lessons – confide in others, be in God’s Word, pray a lot – were reinforced by the actions and attitudes of my fellow group members and the way they approached their decisions.

In short, it was a really good year. Now, Lord, help us with our next big decision: what to study next year?

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