We Got to Pray Just to Make it Today

In honor of my pastor's very good exposition of the story of the persistent widow from the 18th chapter of the gospel according to Luke yesterday, I give you a clip and an excerpt from one of MC Hammer's less well-known hits, "Pray":

Time and time and time and time again
I kept on knocking, but these people wouldn't let me in
I tried and tried and tried and tried to make a way
But nothing happened till that day I prayed
That's word, we pray (pray), ah, yeah, we pray (pray)
We got to pray just to make it today (2X)

Prayer can seem so slow and antiquated in our modern world, but all the more to still ourselves before the One who can move mountains, mend hearts, and make a way. The best of saints throughout history knew it. Even MC Hammer knew it. Would that we live it each day. Goodness knows we have more than enough that matters to us that we should be wearing out our Maker with day and night.

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