Moving News

So, this is a little embarrassing, since: a) I try to be pretty transparent about what I'm mulling over, b) this blog is called "Musings of an Urban Christian," and c) I have used this space to sing the praises of urban settings and take not-so-subtle digs at suburban places. But I wanted to let everyone know that Amy and I are moving to the burbs.

We have been thinking on this for awhile now; for all of Philly's positives, the negatives have just been wearing on us. And the kids have been pestering for a yard to romp in. Finally, and let's try to keep this piece of information from prospective buyers, but our house has an issue that we'd rather not have to deal with. Let's just call it "a roof spill."

So, covertly, we've been looking at houses out on the Main Line, not thinking we could afford anything out there. And, lo and behold, something came up that was perfect: within our price range, good school district, white picket fence.

So, as much as it pains me to withdraw our spot at our great neighborhood school, and as much as the drive in is going to stress me out: suburbia, here we come. I'll tell you more tomorrow.

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