Lazy Linking, Seventh in an Occasional Series

Here's what I've found interesting on the Internets lately -

* In honor of Pi Day (March 14), here's a great link. I mean, because you've been dying to know where your birthdate, Social Security number, and Tommy Tutone's phone number falls in pi's infinite sequence of numbers, right?

* Ever want to know the difference between Pigovian taxes and sin taxes? Here's a start: Greg Mankiw riffs on taxing gas vs. taxing cigarettes.

* Green jobs: magic bullet or pixie dust? The Economist moderates a spirited debate.

* When bankers run zoos, you get zoos that get serious about performance metrics. That's what's happening here in Philadelphia.

* Here's a conservative argument for not repealing the death tax.

* Sorry, Denver lovers, your transit plans are hitting a snag. This is why older, less sexy cities have a huge advantage over newer-infrastructure places like Denver and Phoenix and Seattle and Portland: we are already have billions of dollars of transit infrastructure in place.

* What happens when you try to soak the rich? In Maryland, they move to where it's dry, which isn't hard to do since there are so many other states nearby and you wouldn't even have to change your job.

* Ryan Avent gets at what's difficult about good affordable housing policy, namely that rich people simply would rather not have to live with or share schools with poor people.

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