Huang Family Newsletter, February 2010

February brought 40+ inches of snow, which had its pluses (sledding - yay!) and minuses (the front right wheel of our beloved double stroller snapped off in the snow - boo!). Amy's looking forward to finishing her coursework and commencing her job search. Lee finally got above water at work from last month's craziness; apologies to any who emailed in the past three months, who he is finally getting back to now. Aaron likes his "circle school" (the special instruction he gets for his behavioral issues) as well as his regular school. Jada likes her friends at her school, constantly drawing them and chattering about them. Her birthday passed without much fanfare; we have to get our act together on that and on getting our 3rd floor ready and her bedroom moved up there.

PS Continued prayers are appreciated for Lee's mom. She has successfully fended off two bouts of pneumonia, but getting turfed back and forth from the hospital, sub-acute facility, and home are taking their toll on her physically and emotionally: weakened lung capacity means not being able to talk much and tiring easily, and being prone to infection means not a whole lot of visitors, which worsens her sense of isolation. In response, Jada is furiously drawing as many "get well" pictures for her Ama as possible, but bright spots as those are, it's a tough slog for Mom, so please continue to lift her up in prayer. Many thanks.

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