Forman Mills

Forman Mills holds a special place in my heart, as they were one of the first sponsors of my youth entrepreneurship program, and one of the first major tenants to move back into the neighborhood after The Enterprise Center renovated and moved into the old American Bandstand building at 46th and Market streets. Rick Forman is the nicest guy, always available to provide mentoring and inspiration to up-and-coming entrepreneurs; and their marketing guy, whose booming voice is featured in every one of their radio ads, always had me and my young entrepreneurs in stitches.

And so when Amy said the kids were in desperate need of summer clothing and that our first stop should be Forman Mills, I exclaimed, "Yes!" In fact, this is absolutely the way to do shopping for kids. The selection is a crap shoot, so you're not going to get everything; but whatever you can get, you'll get for dirt cheap. And, I was able to replenish my essentials, thus minimizing the chance of being embarrassed at an airport security line or doctor's office when others are left to wonder why someone who otherwise seems put together has holes in his socks and undershirts.

So hats off to Forman Mills for providing this family with a ton of loot for not a ton of dough. As our kids continue to grow, and as my socks and undershirts continue to develop holes, we'll be sure to be back.

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