Fast Company

Between our consumeristic culture, an aversion to legalistic piety, and the danger of tipping into disordered eating patterns, fasting doesn't have much of a good reputation around these parts. Which is too bad, because it is such an important spiritual discipline. Fasting intensifies our hunger for God, empties ourselves so we can fill up with what His heart beats for, and puts us in the right frame of reference to cry out to God for discernment over excruciating decisions and help in desperate situations.

But it has been awhile since I read John Piper's "A Hunger for God," since I mulled over the ramifications of Bible passages like Isaiah 58, and since I followed after the example of Nehemiah and Ezra and Daniel and Jesus when they were confronted with a need to really connect with God. It has been awhile since I last fasted.

But, this Lenten season, let's get back to this basic of Christian discipline. Let's do this together, and encourage one another to do it, and to do it in the right spirit. If you want in, let me know, either publicly or privately; and if God moves you in any interesting way, feel free to share with me, either publicly or privately. For what we fill our bellies with may be necessary and delicious; but far greater satisfaction (and wisdom and break-through) awaits us if only we will cultivate a deeper hunger for God.

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