What Am I Working On

Here's my quarterly update on new things I've been working on at work since the last update on November 7 (you can read past posts for my ground rules on these quarterly updates):

* Helping a private service provider make its financial and structural case to a major municipality to outsource a key public health function to them

* Articulating and quantifying the regional economic and environmental impact of a car-share program

* Articulating and quantifying the national economic and social impact associated with making broadband service more universally available

* Estimating the proceeds that could be generated for a private development and the net new revenues that could be generated for the affected taxing jurisdictions by establishing a tax increment financing district

* Estimating the economic and fiscal impact associated with a professional school within a major national university

* Estimating the economic and fiscal impact associated with historic preservation tax credit projects within a region and state

* Helping a major municipality explore an innovative land use response to the current commercial real estate slowdown

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