Lazy Linking, Fifth in an Occasional Series

Finally catching up on some of my favorite places to poke around online. Here's what I found interesting.

* Fancy that - transportation that puts people before machines. An announcement from DOT: "Obama Administration Proposes Major Public Transportation Policy Shift to Highlight Livability." Btw, my blog friend at Discovering Urbanism has a useful related post: "From a Mobility to an Accessibility Orientation."

* More awesomeness from Josh Kopelman. He's found a way for start-ups to share in each other's upside, so as to have some diversification in their lives: "Sharing and Exchanging."

* Caitlin Flanagan of The Atlantic lays the smackdown on California's burgeoning urban school garden movement, saying what inner city kids need is not hard labor skills to succeed in an 18th century agricultural economy but rather exposure to Shakespeare and science to succeed in a 21st century knowledge economy: "Cultivating Failure."

* When Donald Marron says "The President Caves on Climate Policy," he means "I sure could've used the money, but a bunch of Congressmen from coal-burning Midwestern states needed to be bought off."

* Chris Rabb, who I know from our days together at The Enterprise Center, pens a thoughtful post on Obama's small business and jobs proposal: "Obama's Proposed 'Small Business' Initiative Lacks Audacity (and Focus)."

* Re: Haiti: don't just show up and don't send your shoes. Do put Tyler Cowen in charge of figuring out what to do. Here's what he thinks. Btw, get your donation in by March 1 and you can write it off on your 2009 return.

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