Every Little Step I Take

18,030. 8,431. 14,095. 11,172. 16,815. 4,432. 15,978. Thanks to my $8 pedometer, which I bought on a whim at Eddie Bauer last month, I can track my steps, and I did so the past seven days. A few musings on having a little iShuffle-sized contraption clipped to one's side:

* It really does encourage more activity, as you find yourself no longer lamenting as much that you left something up two flights of stairs and have to double back and get it, because you say to yourself, "Well, at least that's a few more steps to add to today's total."

* On that note, I am reminded of how important it is, especially as I get older, to take care of my body. This winter has been kind to me so far, but I have heard horror stories of friends of mine who have been laid out by various ailments, which make juggling work and kids near impossible. So every step I take, I am praying for the good health to keep on, so I can be my best for myself, my family, and my employer.

* Speaking of which, every step also calls to mind my mother, who cannot take steps any more. And so when I am not thinking about racking up steps as part of some exercise game, or helping make sure I'm at 100 percent for all of the day's challenges, I can be reminded to pray for my mom, that despite not being able to walk, that she could at least have some measure of quality of life.

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