Pray for Haiti

My schedule's been a little crazy of late. We have one big report and several little reports stewing at work, so I have literally devoted every hour that I am not sleeping or tending to the kids. To give you an idea of how much we've maxed ourselves out, earlier this week one colleague logged out at 2:45 one morning; I picked up where he left off 75 minutes later.

So I haven't had much time or brain space to absorb what has happened in Haiti. But I know that piling a major catastrophe on top of an already poor and crumbling country is very, very bad. I don't know where to begin: my mind toggles between what needs to be done right now and what is the best way forward over a longer period.

The numbers that are being thrown around, and the images that have been circulated, are almost impossible to fathom. And so I ask that we pray, to a God who is bigger than us and for a nation in dire need.

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