Lazy Linking, Fourth in an Occasional Series

This entry should be subtitled, "Things you can learn on the Internets."

* "Thinking Clearly about Economic Inequality" - A nice piece from Cato about the controversial subject of economic inequality; it's worth a read if you care more about advancing the football than about being seen as enlightened.

* "The Gloves Go On" - Speaking of economic inequality, it's important to remember that rampant capitalism has the nice side effect of lifting hundreds of millions of people out of crushing poverty.

* "Lights On – or Off? Low-carbon Living is Anything But Easy." And speaking of advancing the football versus being seen as enlightened, hat tip to Tim Harford for reminding us that not all seemingly green habits are actually good for the environment.

* "What Went Wrong" - I usually like what Mark Zandi has to say, but Stephen Landsburg is right: I'd rather not have the government make resource allocation decisions for political reasons and then proclaim that jobs have been created.

* "Brit Hume Commits Christianity." - Heaven forbid that someone suggest that a celeb in trouble might find solace in a timeless source of redemption. (See also "Fox, Tiger, and Christianity: A Defense of Brit Hume.")

* "Culture" - Netflix seems like a cool place to work, based on the thoughtfulness they put into this slide show about their corporate culture.

* "China’s Greenest Cities, and Its Brownest: No Match for San Diego." - Did you know that America's cleanest cities still use five times more energy per capita than China's dirtiest cities? I find this astounding.

* "America as Texas vs. California, Part II." - Speaking of fascinating comparisons, I'm dismayed that California's education system, of which I am a product, has fallen apart so rapidly.

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