Huang Family Newsletter, December 2009

Adults - Amy finished her clinicals in the Philadelphia prisons, cooked an impeccable turkey for our small group holiday dinner, played Santa for the kids, and caught up on her knitting. Lee's end-of-year work rush included feverishly meeting report and proposal deadlines, making two quick jaunts to Harrisburg, and doing a last-minute trip to the US Virgin Islands for a client presentation.

Kids - Aaron and Jada caught all the holiday shows downtown, starred in our church's Christmas pageant, made snow angels after the huge East Coast storm, and got lots of toys from "Santa" (see above). Amy's working hard to coordinate all of their special instructors, as we try to help Jada on her communicative delays and Aaron with his oppositional issues.

Update on Lee's parents - Mom had a setback this month, contracting pneumonia (not hard to do, since she still has trouble swallowing and coughing) and ending up back in the hospital for antibiotics and monitoring. Dad had his final surgery and is glad to be done; he's recuperating, while taking care of Mom and coordinating her various care and equipment needs.

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