Not Interested

So I am the very last person to chime in on the crumbling facade that is Tiger Woods. And all I have to report is that I don't care. And, when I say that, it really means, "I don't care." Not, "leave the man alone and let him have his privacy." Not, "look at how righteous I am that I am not giving in to the salaciousness or the schadenfreude." Not, "I have my own problems, no time to worry about someone else's." No, it's for none of those reasons. I simply don't care.

Yes, there are so many nuances one could be interested in and blog about, like celebrities and privacy, infidelity, or race. Yes, there are so many juicy elements to this story that one can get lost in, giggle over, or be snarky about. And yes, there are very significant moral lessons that one can derive from this very public incident. But I just can't seem to muster any interest in the topic. If someone's talking about it, my ears are not perked. If a headline or link catches my eye, I have no desire to find out more. I haven't even felt any urge to turn over some of the angles of the story, to see if there is some nugget to consider; and this is someone who will blog about the most mundane of things.

Now, let's talk about something really interesting, like carbon taxes or economic development or urban agriculture.

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