Lazy Linking, Third in an Occasional Series

Lazy linking, the third offering in an occasional series when I come across things I like and have an opinion on but want to write only one line in response instead of a whole post.

* The "inconvenient truth" about global warming is that you actually have to do painful things to reduce carbon emissions, rather than just look cool saying you're for the environment. So it's one thing to say you're "green," but are you willing to give up your pet dog or tell your congressman to increase gas taxes?

* Unconvential Christmas gifts for any budget: from old sports stadiums to your very own Internet site aggregator page.

* Forget the many "best of 2009" or even "best of the decade" lists; the Onion tops them all with a hilarious "top 10 stories of the past 4.5 billion years."

* How's this for creative use of social media: my high school classmate pointed me to his version of the Christmas story a la Facebook, while Home Alone is retold via 22 Twitter accounts.

* Everyone loved A Christmas Story this past weekend, but I have to ask: what's more dated - the fact that parents let kids shoot BB guns or the "Fa Ra Ra Ra" scene?

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