Huang Family Newsletter, November 2009

Adults - Amy passed her boards, is finishing up her semester-long clinical rotation in the Philadelphia prisons, and will have just one more class next semester before she is done with school. Lee was appointed secretary of the non-profit board he sits on, and work is ramping up a bit, with interesting studies on such topics as urban farming, green space, and government outsourcing.

Kids - Jada got to attend two birthday parties, one at Little Gym and one at Bounce U. Aaron has earned the nickname "Googly Bear" from Amy. Aaron and Jada are starting to enjoy playing together, although they still fight over who gets to ride the tricycle and who gets to turn off the TV. We also took Christmas portraits as a family, celebrated Thanksgiving at Amy's parents', and took in the holiday shows in downtown Philly.

Update on Lee's parents - Mom is finally home after four months in hospitals. Dad has been on his "A" game, toggling between supervising Mom's care and staying on top of home renovations; he has a follow-up surgery next month, during which the extra care help they've hired for Mom will ramp up considerably. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts, and please no bombardment of visits, calls, or messages to them just yet, as they ease their way into life at home and figure out how to manage their various care needs.

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