Lazy Linking

Back from a blog-free weekend (not counting the massive rehash of old stuff I'm finally getting around to putting in this space), I will continue mailing it in by offering some lazy linking: worthwhile stories that I have no more than one sentence to say in response, with no cohesive theme to unify them all together. Enjoy!

* Nice to see Penn elevate water to the important status it deserves as a social, political, and economic issue: "Water is Next Year's Academic Theme."

* I did not like the Asian jokes put forth by new talk show hosts George Lopez and Wanda Sykes: "Talk, Talk, Talk."

* An important element of the non-profit sector's challenge in growing young leaders is the whole work/life balance: "Young Chief Executives are Finding Few Peers."

* Out of the "bests" of the decade, at least according to Paste Magazine, I have heard at least one song on two of the 50 albums, watched four of the 50 movies, seen at least one episode of four of the 20 TV shows, played none of the 20 video games, read two of the 20 books, seen none of the 20 music videos, and seen none of the 25 documentaries; in other words, I'm kind of out of it.

* Netherlands is correctly making more of car ownership a variable cost rather than mostly a fixed cost: "Netherlands to Levy 'Green' Road Tax by the Kilometre." [Hat tip to Greg Mankiw's blog for the link.]

* My firm's local real estate price index, all the way up to Q3 2009, is now available on our website: "Philadelphia Regional House Price Indices, 2009 Q3."

* If, like me, you've been waiting for a good article on how to make the most of all-you-can-eat buffets, your wait is over: "The All-Inclusive All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Guide." [Hat tip to Marginal Revolution for the link.]

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