Stimulus and Minority Firms

I've had to be mum on this news for a little bit, but now it's public: "MBE ARRA Initiative to Match Minority Firms with Funding." Kudos to The Enterprise Center for putting itself in a position that it got the call when the Obama administration decided they needed an agency through which to help minority firms in Pennsylvania access business opportunities represented by stimulus money flowing through the state level. The headline is a bit misleading, as the brokering is not to capital but to contracts, but the article is otherwise accurate in that we are one of seven pilot programs around the country to set up these short-term centers to connect state-level procurement officers to qualified minority firms. Let's hope it's a win-win all around - the Commonwealth accessing good firms it otherwise might not have found on its own, and individual businesses getting connected to revenue generating opportunities it might not otherwise have been aware of.
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