Setting Up My Own Line-Up

A friend of mine wrote to me to congratulate me on last night's Phillies win. He excitedly asked, "Did you stay up for the last pitch?" Oh, my friend - I was asleep before the first pitch! (And the sleep was good.)

But I did catch all the highlights on espn.com the next morning, and am happy to see the Fightin's advance to the World Series. Assuming the Yanks close out the Angels some time later this week, that sets up a juicy Game 1 match-up between Cliff Lee and CC Sabathia. In other words, multiple generations of Cleveland Indians fans will gather around the family room TV for the start of the World Series and then promptly punch themselves and each other in the groin. (Lee played for the Indians from 2002 to earlier this year, while Sabathia played for the Indians from 2001 to 2008. Oh, what could've been, Tribe fans.)

Speaking of setting our line-ups, I have a vexing dilemma at hand. If the Phils go on to win the World Series, who do I bring to the championship parade? On the one hand, this is the sort of thing Jada enjoys, and she's a lot easier to take on such excursions, on account of her being potty-trained and not being one to cry every five minutes. On the other hand, I took Jada last year, and I don't want to presume that there'll be another opportunity in Aaron's childhood to bask in the revelry.

I'm leaning towards taking Aaron, if only to enjoy some good father-son time. But first things first: the home team needs to secure four more wins. Let's go, Phillies!
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