NBA Predictions Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

I did not follow the pre-season deals. I will not be following during the season, with the exception of a handful of marquee match-ups that are offered on network TV. I won't even get that amped up about the playoffs, my old home team, or my new home team. In other words, I have no rooting interest, no enthusiasm, and no information. In other words, these NBA predictions may end up being my most accurate ones yet. Go figure.

W: Spurs, Lakers, Jazz, Hornets, Blazers, Clippers, Rockets, Thunder
E: Magic, Celtics, Cavaliers, Hawks, Raptors, Heat, Bulls, 76ers
Round 1: Spurs, Lakers, Jazz, Blazers; Magic, Celtics, Cavaliers, Raptors
Round 2: Spurs, Lakers, Magic, Celtics
Finals: Spurs over Celtics
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