A Miserable Month So Far

Ugh. I've been sick since October 1, and am in the midst of the worst so far.

The first week brought a simple head cold. Just as the symptoms were going away, I had two consecutive miserable nights of sleep, which, combined with the kids being a handful over the weekend, led to a pounding headache. Despite my attempts to sleep off the rest-deprived hangover, cold symptoms returned. And then, a few days ago, just as my cold symptoms were going away, another headache arrived, this one different than any I've ever felt before: a steady, nauseating pressure, punctuated by bursts of more, dull pressure.

I actually took half of Friday off, saw a nurse practitioner, and called in to the doctor on call the next day, not to mention taking more over-the-counter and prescription medicine than I have all year. And still my brain is pounding and pulsating, groggy and dizzy.

Amy had an even busier past week than I did, and yet is soldiering on in my impaired state, in terms of the kids, for which I am unspeakably thankful. Jada has largely adapted to a weekend in which her Dada isn't jetting her from place to place. But Aaron has been a crying, tantrumming mess; and his piercing screams and vigorous protests have left even more ringing in my ears.

Needless to say, it's been a miserable month so far. Here's hoping for some relief soon. And here's to Amy for holding down the fort until then.
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